Latest News: A Timely Alternative for Temporary Works Delivery

January 6th, 2020

A Timely Alternative for Temporary Works Delivery

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd, as you may have read, has recently launched a new division called Excavation Support Solutions (ESS). This is a division purpose-built for those smaller and medium-sized projects for which construction firms are typically procuring individual hire and delivery packages.

Here are seven compelling reasons why you should consider ESS, if that sounds like you:

7 Reasons to Adopt Alternative Temporary Works Delivery

  1. It’s one thing to hire sheet piles, quite another to install them. Do you have the design and installation expertise to do that? If not, don’t contemplate it.
  2. Too many contractors can cause problems in respect of the on-site logistical interface and issues that can cause to project delays. It’s much better to go straight to an expert who handles sheet pile installation day in, day out.
  3. Sheet pile installation is a field for experts and that expert support includes managing all the health and safety risks and exposures that come with the job. Do you really feel competent enough to do that?
  4. Getting health and safety compliance wrong when it comes to specialist construction activities such as temporary works including Sheet Piling can be very costly both financially and in terms of company reputation.
  5. Many projects that hire sheet piles for temporary works find that they have to write off the cost, as damage and mishandling means they cannot be returned. That’s an expense you need not bear, if you use an expert like ESS to install and extract your light to heavy-duty sheet piles.
  6. If you are not used to designing and managing temporary work excavation projects, you may not be hiring the right equipment for the job, in terms of sheet pile hire, sheet piling equipment and other ancillary materials. ESS can provide you with the right materials for cofferdams, trenches, temporary and permanent retaining walls.
  7. If you are expected to deliver a project on-time and to budget, and will incur penalties if you don’t, it makes sense to put the lid on delays and unexpected costs from the off, using ESS as a means of controlling the financials and the timescales.

All of the light, medium or heavy-duty sheet piles ESS uses have passed stringent strength and stability tests. Strength and stability are also ESS’s watchwords. Find out more about the alternative to hired-in sheet piles by calling Richard Pattison on 07734 029683 or emailing

Sheet Pile Hire from Excavation Support Solutions- ESS
Excavation Support Solutions offer Sheet Pile Hire


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