Latest News: Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Icon

May 8th, 2017

Blackpool Pleasure Beach – Icon

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd recently completed steel sheet pile installation for permanent retaining walls as part of construction for the forthcoming Blackpool Pleasure Beach ‘Icon’ rollercoaster ride. The new £16.25m ‘Icon’ rollercoaster will be the UK’s first ever double launch rollercoaster – propelling riders at high speed, not only at the start of the ride but also at a second point half way through the two and a half minute experience.

The sheet piles were designed by the Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd in-house design team to provide retaining walls for a maximum permanent retained height of around 5.0m. We utilised Emirates Steel EZ sheet pile sections to form the permanent works which were supplied from our extensive stocks of sheet piles.

The sheet piles were installed using an ABI TM14/17 telescopic Leader Rig complete with 125Te Vibratory Hammer. To assist installation of the Z section sheet piles, the vibratory hammer was fitted with an ABI MZK1250 double jaw clamp assembly.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Sheet Pile Retaining Wall
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Sheet Pile Bracing Frame


Upon completion of the sheet piles, a temporary steelwork bracing frame was installed to allow excavation of permanent pile caps in front of the sheet pile wall. The pile caps will ultimately be used to support the steelwork columns on which the new ‘Icon’ ride will be supported.

The sheet pile installation commenced in February 2017 and the temporary bracing will be completed in April 2017.

Commenting on the project at the unveiling of the new ride, Blackpool Pleasure Beach Managing Director Amanda Thompson OBE, said: “Icon is going to be one of the most talked about, iconic rollercoasters of the future. The name speaks for itself as it will be one of the most iconic rides on the planet. This is Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s biggest investment to date and will have a real impact on the town and region as a whole.”

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd Managing Director Andrew Cotton added: “The design and construction of a unique rollercoaster like Icon presents real engineering challenges for all involved. The ride is over 1 km in length, rises over 25m in height and will reach speeds in excess of 75km/h. Add to this difficult ground conditions and high prevailing winds and it gets even trickier. We were delighted to get involved in the crucial early phase of construction, designing and installing a robust and compact sheet pile solution which will form a solid foundation for the new ride. We look forward seeing the Icon rollercoaster open in 2018.”

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