Case Study: Permanent Sheet Pile Basement, Campden Hill

Permanent Sheet Pile Basement, Campden Hill

Contract No:C1033
Client:McGee Group Ltd
Location:Holland Park, London
Value:Approximately £850,000.00
Summary:Design, supply, installation of sheet piles, in plain uncoated steel, to form a permanent basement with associated temporary steelwork propping.

Sheet Piling Contractors, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd. were employed by the McGee Group to install a permanent watertight part single & part double basement for a luxury residential development.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd worked closely with the McGee Group from an early stage to develop an optimum overall construction methodology for the basement including optimising the sheet pile section, method of installation and developing a temporary bracing solution which could be incorporated in McGee’s overall basement construction sequence.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd proposed to install the sheet piles using a powerful Giken “Silent Piling and Vibrationless” hydraulic pile press.

In order to maintain a constant supply of piles the pile press, a 50 tonne crane was hired for the duration of the project.

To ensure temporary stability during excavation of the double storey basement, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd designed and installed a temporary upper and lower steelwork bracing frame consisting of waling beam, diagonal struts and raking struts.

The ground conditions on site consisted of a nominal thickness of Made Ground overlying ‘Firm to Stiff London Clay’ which are ideal for adopting a Giken Silent Vibrationless installation method in conjunction with water lubrication.

The length of steel sheet piles varied throughout the project from 10m long to 14m long, and consisted of Arcelor Mittall GU18 and GU23 sheet piles which were provided in Grade S390GP steel from stock.