Latest News: NEW Delmag D19-52 Diesel Impact Hammer

June 8th, 2020

NEW Delmag D19-52 Diesel Impact Hammer

Specialist steel piling contractor Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have recently purchased a leader mounted Delmag D19-52 diesel impact hammer.

The leader mounted impact hammer can be fitted to their complete range of telescopic leader rigs including the innovative ABI Long Reach Telescopic Leader Rig.

The Delmag D19-52 is capable of impact driving pairs of Z Section sheet piles and can be quickly and easily fitted to the telescopic leader rigs without the requirement for any lead trench excavation which would other wise be the case with a crane suspended hydraulic hammer.

Delmag Diesel Impact Hammer at Sheet Piling at Craven Cottage, Fulham FC
Delmag Diesel Impact Hammer at Fulham FC


With a 2Te piston weight and an overall hammer weight of 5Te, the Delmag D19-52 offers a highly efficient impact hammer for relatively low overall weight. A further benefit is that there is no requirement for external power packs or hydraulic hoses which reduces the risks of environmental pollution.

Renowned for their reliability and simplicity, the Delmag D19-52 diesel hammer works on a system of compressing air in the combustion chamber whilst the piston is dropping on the downward stroke. Whilst the piston is dropping, a quantity of diesel fuel is sprayed onto the impact block; upon impact of the piston on the impact block the diesel then ignites within the highly compressed air and the resulting combustion energy moves the piston upwards to complete the cycle.

The addition of the Delmag D19-52 diesel impact hammer further compliments the company’s range of specialist in-house sheet piling equipment.

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