Latest News: Emirates Steel Sheet Pile Environmental Product Declaration

April 23rd, 2018

Emirates Steel Sheet Pile Environmental Product Declaration

Emirates Steel Industries (ESI) are pleased to provide an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for hot rolled structural sections and Emirates Steel sheet pile products produced by the company at their integrated steel plant in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The EPD has been certified by BRE based in the UK and is in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 15804 requirements. The EPD is independently verified and registered document with BRE that communicates open and comparable information about the life cycle environmental impacts of the structural steel produced by Emirates Steel.

Emirates Steel produce structural steel from Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) which is melted in an Electric Arc Furnace followed by hot rolling into structural sections and Emirates Steel Sheet Pile Sections.

The EPD is based on 2015 annual production and within the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, a cradle-to-gate analysis is undertaken based on the different steps of the steel manufacturing process and end of life scenarios.

Developed in the 1990’s, the Life Cycle Assessment is a methodology aimed at assessing the environmental consequences of human actions, particularly the production of goods. It has become an important tool in the steel industry as a way to assess and quantify the potential environmental footprint of steel products along their entire life cycle, from creation in a steel mill to scrap in a scrap yard.

The LCA provides environmental information, based on ISO Standards, on the whole life cycle of a product from cradle to grave, as well as a wide range of local and global environmental impacts.

BRE is internationally recognised for its expertise in LCA. BRE has worked closely with the industry to develop the Green Guide and Environmental Profiles Certification Scheme and provide a comprehensive EPD Scheme in line with the European Standard EN 15804.

The BRE verification make represents quality and illustrates the product has gone through a rigorous verification process.

Obtaining a recognised Environmental Product Declaration to BS EN 15804 for structural steel produced by Emirates Steel is important to ensure:

  • Energy and Transport cost reductions are achieved
  • Innovative product development is achieved
  • To meet customers demands and specifications
  • Allow recognition of building assessment schemes, such as BREEAM

A copy of the Emirates Steel Environmental Product Declaration 2016 can be downloaded here.


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