Latest News: Emirates Steel – a Hallmark of Sheet Pile Quality

January 27th, 2020

Emirates Steel – a Hallmark of Sheet Pile Quality

Sheet Piling (UK) Limited is the exclusive Strategic Partner of Emirates Steel throughout UK and Ireland, but what does Emirates Steel stand for and what can this business bring to anyone seeking steel sheet piles and quality sheet pile sections?

Emirates Steel is a leading integrated steel manufacturer in the Middle East, based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and owned by the General Holding Corporation (SENAAT). Established in 1998, its exported products (rebar, wire rod, section, sheet piles), are delivered to more than 40 countries and the company enjoys a production capacity of 3.5 MTPA.

Emirates Steel grew rapidly from a simple re-roller of imported steel billets, to a complex integrated manufacturing plant. Using modern and sustainable solutions to address traditional industrial challenges, Emirates Steel’s excellence in health and safety, innovation and technology has allowed it to consistently deliver value to its stakeholders.

Steel Sheet Pile Innovation

Investment in the Emirates Steel plant is ongoing. The company intends to maintain its profile as a world-class steel manufacturer, producing the highest-quality products, services and solutions for its customers’ satisfaction and for shareholders’ benefit. Just last year (2018), it launched new EZ36-700, EZ38-700 and EZ40-700 sheet pile sections within its range of Z-section sheet piles, showing its commitment to strengthening its position within the world market.

The business ethos is one based on honesty, integrity and creativity and the company runs to the highest ethical, professional and legal standards. It contributes to the diversification of the UAE economy and is an important employer of UAE nationals.

Steel Sheet Pile Quality
Hallmark of Sheet Pile Quality


Steel Sheet Pile Quality

The steel sheet piles supplied to Sheet Piling (UK) Limited are UK CARES certified and comply with the Construction Products Directive. All finished goods are rigorously inspected, tested and classified by the Technical Services Department. Test certificates are sent out to customers, as part of the transparent relationship between manufacturer and clients. The steel sheet piles are of superb quality and are recyclable. They withstand everything thrown at them, whether that is weather, the sea, chemicals within contaminated soils, or human impacts.

As a result, Emirates Steel has achieved Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products BES 6001 Accreditation and is able to provide an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for hot rolled steel sheet piles.

Health & Safety and Sustainability

Health and safety are always number one priorities at Emirates Steel, which prides itself on its employment practices and concern for staff. High-calibre employees are recruited, to support further growth; healthy lifestyles are encouraged.

The same level of commitment is given to sustainability. The company is dedicated to mitigating the environmental impact of its operations. The company is a recipient of the Climate Action Member Certificate from the World Steel Association, recognising Emirates Steel’s proactive approach to mitigating its climate impact. Emirates Steel has maintained its certificate for environmental protection, UK Cares Sustainability Certification, since 2010.

Sheet Piling (UK) Limited’s managing director, Andrew Cotton, says: “We are proud to represent Emirates Steel as its exclusive Strategic Partner in the UK and Ireland. Our visions are aligned when it comes to quality and duty of care and the sheet piles we are able to supply are second-to-none. The name Emirates Steel really is a hallmark of quality.

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