Latest News: NEW Kowan ZU100 Silent Sheet Pile Press Purchase

February 5th, 2018

NEW Kowan ZU100 Silent Sheet Pile Press Purchase

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have recently added to their modern and environmentally friendly fleet of Silent Vibrationless Pile Pressing machines with the purchase of a Kowan ZU100 Silent Sheet Pile Press.

The ZU100 Silent Pile Press was purchased directly from Watson & Hillhouse who are the established UK and European agents for the Kowan ZU100 Still Worker.

The new Pile Press is capable of installing both U and Z section sheet piles and consequently is ideally suited for installing the expanding range of 700mm wide Z Section Sheet Piles from Emirates Steel.

The Kowan ZU100 Still Worker machine is fitted with the latest environmental features including Tier 4 Final low emissions engine, ultra low noise levels of just 69db and biodegradable hydraulic oil.

A further feature of the ZU100 Pile Press is the exclusive Mast Tilting device which is standard on each machine. The features and benefits of the Mast Tilt device include:

  • Mast/Chuck can incline forwards and backwards by 5 degrees.
  • More accurate and efficient sheet pile installation.
  • Makes self travelling much quicker and easier.
  • Makes working on gradients much easier.

The Kowan ZU100 Silent Sheet Pile Press was immediately put to work on a new retail development at Basildon for Simons Group and is pictured below working at the former Kitchener Barracks site in Cheltenham.

Technical information for the Kowan ZU100 Silent Sheet Pile Press is included on page eleven of our Silent & Vibration Free Piling Technical Guidance document which can be downloaded for FREE using the link below:

pdflogo Silent & Vibration Free Piling Technical Guidance

Silent & Vibration Free Sheet Piling Technical Guidance

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