Latest News: New Hydraulic Impact Hammer Purchased

November 18th, 2019

New Hydraulic Impact Hammer Purchased

In order to adapt to the change in demand for projects to utilise structural and weight efficient Z section sheet piles as oppose to traditional U section sheet piles, specialist sheet piling contractors are having to adapt their approach to installation methods due to this change in the sheet piling industry.

Specification of Z section sheet piles, particularly on permanent works projects including infrastructure schemes and permanent basements, has become the norm over recent years. Forward thinking specialist piling contractor Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd has been at the forefront of this change in the sheet piling industry for a number of years.

Such developments, including forming an exclusive agreement with Emirates Steel for the supply of a range of Z section sheet piles, purchasing specialist plant and adapting installation techniques to facilitate installation of z section sheet piles using both pile press and vibratory methods.

The latest addition of specialist sheet piling equipment to be purchased in order to accommodate this transition is a new BSP CX85 Hydraulic Impact Hammer and Power Pack. The CX85 offers a 7Te drop weight, maximum impact energy of 83kN, and is designed specifically to provide a highly efficient solution to impact driving of Z section sheet piles. The wide range of inserts and driving caps available for the CX85 hydraulic impact hammer means a tight fit can be accommodated no matter which manufacturer or range of Z section sheet piles is being driven.

The CX range of hydraulic impact hammers are manufactured by BSP International Foundations who are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hydraulic piling hammers, and have been since 1905.

Download the BSP CX Hydraulic Impact Hammer Range Technical Data Sheet

New CX Hydraulic Impact Hammer

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