Latest News: New Powerful Vibratory Hammer Purchased

October 28th, 2019

New Powerful Vibratory Hammer Purchased

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have recently purchased a new state-of-the-art, modern and powerful vibratory hammer as part of an on-going investment plan for the extensive fleet of specialist sheet piling equipment operated by the company.

The new MRZV 25VV leader mounted vibratory hammer, supplied by ABI Equipment Ltd, has been fitted to our existing ABI TM 13/16 Telescopic Leader Rig.

The latest range of variable moment and variable frequency (VV) vibratory hammers allow sheet pile driving and sheet pile extraction to be optimised to suit the actual ground conditions and physical resistance being encountered. The VV technology allows both eccentric moment and frequency to be adjusted during the driving process via an easy to operate control panel contained in the operators cab.

New Vibratory Hammer Purchased
New Vibratory Hammer


For example, in ‘stiff clays’ this allows the maximum eccentric moment to be utilised at minimum frequency whereas in ‘dense sands’ the minimum eccentric moment can be engaged at maximum frequency.

Not only does the new MRZV 25VV vibratory hammer take advantage of the VV technology but it has an extremely beneficial power to weight ration generating 1350kN of centrifugal force for only 4165kg of weight.

This makes it ideally suited to the existing ABI TM 13/16 Telescopic Leader Rig which has a power rating of 433kW, thus providing a powerful front end vibratory hammer on a relatively small base machine, thereby offering power with versatility.

For the modern sheet piling requirement of driving pairs of structural and weight efficient Z section sheet piles; the need for powerful vibratory hammers is becoming more critical but not always at the expense of site restrictions on machine size, track widths, track bearing pressures and general manoeuvrability.

New MRZV 25VV Vibratory Hammer

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