Latest News: Safety is Behavioural in Many Sheet Pile Scenarios

May 6th, 2019

Safety is Behavioural in Many Sheet Pile Scenarios

Safety is always of paramount concern here at Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd, in whatever sheet pile environment our teams are working, whether that is installing sheet piles for infrastructure widening purposes, working on a marine sheet pile project, or handling permanent steel sheet pile basement installations.

For this reason, behavioural safety techniques are something we encourage, in order to continually improve our safety record. Behaviour safety in construction has been shown to have positive results, but we know that it needs buy-in from management, as well as the workforce, and this is something the management team at Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd seeks to deliver at all times.

80% of work-related accidents have their roots in some sort of behaviour that is unsafe. This could be down to cutting corners, not wearing the right safety clothing, ignoring the need to put guards on a piece of machinery, acting in an unsafe manner intuitively because that is normal behaviour to that person, or just poor practice due to a lack of training.

All of these behavioural flaws can be observed, if fellow workers and managers are trained to look out for them. If they are observed, they can be commented on and acted upon, to ensure that safety continues to consistently improve within the workplace. The results can be dramatic.

Research has proved that just a small percentage of unsafe behaviours can result in a large proportion of accidents, so acting on unsafe behaviour is key. Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd is well aware of this and is continually looking at health & safety issues and trends to identify where issues may exist, so that behaviours employed in those areas can be observed and improved.

By adopting this type of approach, we believe that we become a better and safer partner to choose, whenever a contractor requires a sheet piling specialist. Engineering a safer workplace is, in our view, based upon building a positive and pro-active safety culture, which is not about spying on others, but about openly recognising faults where they lay, eradicating those faults and making best practice the mode of working going forward. All have a part to play in this.

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