Corner and Junction Sheet Pile Sales

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd are the UK and Ireland sole supplier and stockist of ‘Hot Rolled’ interlocking corner or junction clutch bar, manufactured by ‘Mannstaedt GmbH’ who are one the world’s leading manufacturers of special steel profiles.

These high quality clutch bar sections are manufactured to European Grade S355GP steel, and are fully compatible with all European and Japanese sheet piles sections including both Larssen Sheet Piles and ‘Z’ type interlocks.

Used primarily for forming corner or junctions piles in sheet pile walls and cofferdams, together with clutches to tubular piles within a combi-wall, Mannstaedt GmbH clutch bar allows the most complex arrangements to be accommodated whilst providing problem-free and cost efficient on site installation.

A significant stock of all common clutch bar profiles is always for sale to pile stockists and contractors in lengths up to 18.0m, excluded E21, which can be ordered up to 12,0 m.

Fully detailed drawings of the individual clutch bar profiles are available on the attached download sheet but in principal the E20, E20XL, E21, E22, and Omega sections, as currently supplied by European Steel Mills, can be supplied.