Excavator Mounted Side Grip Sheet Piling

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd operates a fleet of excavator mounted side grip piling rigs which can be fitted with a wide range of attachments to compliment our main sheet piling plant and equipment.

The CAT 328D LCR excavator has been designed to rotate with a minimal amount of counterweight overhang which allows the machine to work in tight, confined areas.

Even though the 34Te 328D LCR excavator has been designed for use in applications that require high manoeuvrability in restricted spaces, it still maintains the ability to accomplish tasks where space is not a factor.

For handling, driving and extracting sheet piles, tubular piles and ‘H’ beams, the excavator piling rig is fitted with a ‘Movax’ SG-60 vibratory hammer.

The benefits of the ‘Movax’ SG-60 vibratory hammer includes:

  • Interchangeable Side Grip Arm – Allows for driving sheet piles, tubes and H-beams.
  • Moving Arms on both Sides – Allows safe and efficient handling & pitching.
  • Efficient Driving and Extraction – Provides good geometry for delivering driving energy.
  • Advanced Lubrication System – Ensures reduced maintenance costs.
  • Suitable for Restricted/Limited Access Works – Machine reach ideal for reduced enabling work.

Additional features added to the excavator piling rig to improve safety and operational efficiency include:

  • Automatic Safe Load Indicator for lifting operations.
  • Skew Restrictor.
  • Height Restrictor.
  • Movax Self Levelling Control System.
  • Tefra Fully Automatic Quick Hitch.

In addition to the ‘Movax’ SG-60 vibratory hammer, numerous other attachments can be fitted to the excavator piling rig to assist installation including:

  • ABI MDBA 2200 Auger Motor & Auger Flights.
  • BSP SL20 Hydraulic Impact Hammer.