Hire Steel Sheet Piles

Whatever your Temporary Works requirements are for excavation support, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd are able to offer a wide and comprehensive range of trench sheet and steel sheet piles for your project.

Temporary sheet piles are used on a wide range of earthwork support solutions where support to from the excavation is only required for a limited period. Such examples in the construction industry would be temporary cofferdams for infrastructure foundations and utility works involving underground tank construction; temporary excavation support for attenuation tanks and deep drainage support; and temporary retaining wall to facilitate the specified permanent earthworks solution.

Any Temporary Works design solution can be designed and detailed using our own experienced in-house design team utilising steel sheet piles and steelwork or hydraulic bracing frames as required.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have approximately 3000Te of temporary sheet piles in stock at our Service Centre in Preston.

The piles can be promptly delivered to your project throughout the UK and Ireland within 24 hours of your enquiry.

Temporary steel sheet piles are available on a ‘hire’ basis or a ‘Sale and Buyback’ basis to suit your exact requirements at extremely comprehensive rates and being delivered directly to your job site using our excellent FORS or CLOCS compliant transport partners.

The current range of used sheet piles include lengths in the range of 4.0m to 16.0m long in a variety of sections from 800cm3 modulus to 2700cm3 modulus.

In addition, a comprehensive range of interlocking clutch bar sections and clutch sealant can be offered from our Preston Service Centre.