Vinyl and Composite Piles

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd are the UK’s largest supplier and installer of Vinyl, Composite and Plastic Sheet Piles.

As a UK and Ireland representative of Crane Materials International (CMI), the USA’s premier manufacturer of Vinyl, Composite and Plastic Sheet Piles, we are able to offer wide ranges of sections to cover every conceivable application.

Typical applications of Plastic Piling and Composite Sheet Piles include:

  • Cut off walls/impermeable barriers where a range of hydrophilic sealant can be pre-applied.
  • Flood defence walls.
  • Erosion/Scour protection walls.
  • Light duty retaining walls (generally less than 2.0m retained height).
  • Canal/Marina Basin Walls.
  • Contamination Containment Barriers/Cofferdams.

The Shoreguard Plastic Sheet Piles are available in section with a modulus range of 300cm3/m to 1000cm3/m whereas, the more robust ‘Geoguard’ Composite FRP Sheet Pile is available from 700cm3/m to 2000cm3/m modulus. Consequently, it is apparent that Vinyl, Composite and Plastic Sheet Piles offer a viable alternative section from light trench sheets through to light section Sheet Piles.

Manufactured from 100% recycled material and using energy efficient production methods, the latest Plastic Piling sections to hit the market will provide your project with a rust free, chemically resistant and maintenance free solution with reduced cost over steel alternatives. Sheet Piling (UK) are able to offer the full range of Vinyl, Composite and Plastic Sheet Piles on a ‘Sale Only’ or ‘Supply and Installation’ basis.

Ideally suited to installation in soft clays or loose granular soils, the Vinyl piles can be installed using a range of vibratory hammers including ‘Movak’ type side grip rigs, ‘Excavator Mounted Vibratory (EMV’s) or Light Crane Suspended Vibratory/Air Hammers. In dense granular soils or firm clays, the sheets can be installed using a steel driving mandrel referred to as a ‘Stabcat Stompper’ which is available via Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd for use throughout Europe.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have recently completed the following Vinyl, Composite and Plastic Sheet Pile installation projects.

  • Plastic Pile attenuation pond for Airbus Broughton.
  • Plastic Pile cut off wall, Chivenor FAS for BAM Nuttall.
  • ‘Geoguard’ Composite FRP Cofferdam for SABRE project.
  • Vinyl Pile retaining wall, Ely, Cambridge for Thomas Sinden.