Z Section Sheet Piles


The essential characteristics of a Z section sheet pile is the continuous nature of the web and the location of the interlock symmetrically on both sides of the neutral axis.

Both of these physical properties have a positive influence on the section modulus of the pile section.

Additional benefits of Z section sheet piles are noted below:

  • Interlocks located on the flange thus giving optimised section profile for competitive section modulus-to-mass ratio.
  • High inertia characteristics enabling reduction in deflections for serviceability design checks.
  • Efficient section modulus with high bending moment resistance.
  • No consideration of reduction factors required on physical properties unlike U section sheet piles.
  • Uniform section thickness for superior drivability and enhanced durability performance.
  • Greater pile section width providing reduction in installation periods and improved water tightness.
  • Incorporates proven hot rolled Larssen interlock.
  • Supplied in Grade S355GP steel to BS EN 10248:Pt1 with mill certificates.