Latest News: Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd Joins Steel Sheet Pile Group

February 4th, 2019

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd Joins Steel Sheet Pile Group

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd has become a member of the Steel Piling Group – a membership-based organisation that encourages steel sheet pile projects within the UK and which disseminates knowledge about sheet piling to sheet piling contractors, consultants, plant companies and material and research organisations.

The Steel Piling Group has evolved over the years, since its foundation by British Steel and the Steel Construction Institute in 1995. When British Steel sold its sheet piling division in 2004, the group required a new host and the relaunch did not occur until 2006, when various sponsors involved in steel sheet piling supported a newly independent Steel Piling Group.

In 2017, another change occurred, with the Steel Construction Institute stepping back in, to provide the secretariat service for the Group.

Steel Sheet Pile Best Practice

The new structure of the group made Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd feel it was the right time to join and play our part in encouraging best practice in the sheet pile industry, whilst also helping to advance the knowledge of the part that steel sheet piles play within projects, whether this is in construction, road and rail infrastructure, or marine and river environments.

Steel sheet piles offer various advantages over concrete piles and it is raising awareness of the benefits that is key for the circular economy within which the sheet piling community finds itself.

Unique Sheet Pile Installation Rig

With Sheet Piling UK Ltd’s groundbreaking new long-reach sheet piling installation rig – the TM 12/15 LR now at work within the sector, shifting perceptions of how infrastructure widening needs to be conducted, we have lots of knowledge to offer. This should enable us to play a vibrant part within the Steel Piling Group, as we highlight the advantages of a rig with a reach that is a full three metres greater than that of standard rigs and which can prevent projects running beyond both budget and deadline.

As the UK’s leading sheet pile contractor, we hope the Group will value the knowledge that we have accumulated over many years and which we can contribute to the sheet pile conversation, as a new member. Hopefully, we can have some form of influence over practices within our sector and the promotion of the sheet piling industry, in the coming years.

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Sheet Piling (UK) Limited is one of the UK's leading piling contractors. Owning and operating a comprehensive range of specialist piling equipment Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd also carry extensive stocks of new and used piles enabling rapid reaction to any urgent requirements or emergency situations.