Restricted Access Sheet Piling

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd is a specialist when it comes to installing steel sheet pile solutions on restricted access projects – where, traditionally, such a solution would not have been possible.

Calling upon the company’s comprehensive fleet of modern sheet piling plant and equipment, the team is able to apply modern installation methods, to overcome access problems on:

  • restricted inner city sites.
  • limited headroom applications.
  • live infrastructure projects.
  • earthwork stability projects where applied loadings are restricted.

Such applications demonstrate Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd’s innovative and forward-thinking approach towards project that can benefit from the use of steel sheet piles, rather than traditional, and often more expensive and protracted, traditional engineering solutions.

Our ability to undertake this type of restricted access project is due to having a team full of competent and experienced construction professionals, who can apply their experience and work in conjunction with state-of-the-art, modern piling plant and equipment, in a forward-thinking manner.

Relevant examples of restricted access sheet piling projects can be found within the following case studies:

Whatever project you are considering, please contact one of our team, to establish if your project could benefit from such innovation for restricted access piling solutions.