Silent Vibration Free Sheet Piling

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd are the leading specialist in Sheet Pile Installation using ‘State of the Art’ Silent Piling and Vibration Free Giken Piling Equipment.

In a day and age where noise and vibration levels generated by conventional vibration and percussive equipment are not acceptable, or for projects in environmentally sensitive areas, such as towns and city centres, hospitals, adjacent to existing structures, or embankment slopes; sheet pile installation and extraction using Silent Piling and Vibration Free Sheet Piling equipment is the only solution.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd own and operate a fleet of eight ‘U’ and ‘Z’ section sheet pile presses and have in excess of 15 years experience in installing and extracting sheet piles in the most environmentally sensitive locations with no vibration and virtually no noise.

The pile press is effective in both granular and cohesive soils, and a pushing force of up to 150 tonnes for pile installation and 160 tonnes for pile extraction can be generated using previously installed sheet piles for reaction.


In dense granular or stiff cohesive soils, auxiliary techniques can be adopted including ‘water jetting’ and ‘pre-augering’ to assist pile installation.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have recently expanded the services offered for Silent Vibration Free Pile Pressing methods to include the following:

  • Addition of a number of ‘Z’ pile press machines capable of installing ‘Z’ section sheet piles thereby offering clients the increased design cost and programme benefits offered by Z section sheet piles including Emirates Steel Sheet Piles.
  • Upgrading of fleet of pile presses to include those which are Tier IIIB and Tier IV emission standard compliant for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM).
  • Purchase of Kowan ZU100 Pile Press capable of installing a range of ‘U’ section and ‘Z’ section sheet piles.

In addition to owning ‘standard’ Giken & Kowan ‘U’ and ‘Z’ section pile presses, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have successfully completed a number of projects using specialist pile pressing equipment which include:

  • Giken Piling JZ100 Zero Piler which allows zero steel sheet piles to be installed with zero tolerance adjacent to existing structures.
  • Giken Piling ECC 700S Super Crush piler which has the benefit of an integrated augering system thus allowing sheet piles to be installed silently and vibration free in the hardest of ground conditions, including rock.
  • Giken Piling GRB Clamp Crane and Pile Runner System which allows pile installation over water or embankment slopes where traditional piling rig could not gain access.

In summary, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have the expertise, experience and resources to offer a Silent Piling and Vibration Free Sheet Pile Installation solution to any sheet piling project, wherever the location.