Silent Vibration Free Sheet Piling

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd are the UK’s leading specialist in Silent Vibration Free sheet pile installation using Giken and Kowan sheet piling equipment.

On many construction sites, there is a requirement to ensure effective management and control of construction noise to mitigate or avoid adverse impact on health and quality of life to both the site operatives and members of the public.

As such, silent piling is now the construction industry’s chosen method of sheet piling installation on environmentally sensitive sites such as town and city centre developments, hospitals and piling operations adjacent to existing structures or embankment slopes with difficult access.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd own and operate a fleet of seven sheet pile presses capable of installing the complete range of ‘Z’ and ‘U’ steel sheet pile sections. The company has over 20 years experience installing and extracting sheet piles on a wide variety of permanent and temporary works projects in the most environmentally sensitive locations with virtually no noise or vibration.

The sheet piling method has been developed around a ‘pitch and drive’ method whereby each successive sheet pile is installed to the design pile toe level allowing the pile press equipment to effectively ‘walk’ along the pile heads using the self-moving system. The benefit of this feature is that no crane support is required to move the pile press along the line meaning the pile press system can effectively be employed where sheet piles are required to be installed up or down earthworks or over water.

Further details of the Giken Silent Vibrationless Pile Pressing System can be found in the Silent & Vibration Free Piling Technical Guidance document.


The pile press is effective in both granular and cohesive soils and a pressing force of up to 150 tonnes for pile installation and 160 tonnes for pile extraction can be generated using previously installed sheet piles for reaction.

In less favourable ground conditions, such as dense granular or stiff cohesive soils, auxiliary techniques can be added to the Giken Silent Pile Press such as low or high pressure water jetting or pre-augering to assist with sheet pile installation.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have recently expanded the range of services offered for Silent Vibration Free pile pressing installation to include:

  • Use of the Giken Supercrush Silent Piling Technology which allows silent vibration free pile installation in hard competent ground conditions or weathered rock.The system works by utilising an integral rock auger contained in a casing which allows the pile press-in method to be carried out simultaneously while progressing the auger.
  • Use of Giken GRB Clamp Crane and Pile Runner system which allows sheet pile installation over water or embankment slopes where traditional piling rigs could not gain access.
  • Addition of a number of ‘Z’ pile pressing machines capable of installing the complete range of 700mm wide ‘Z’ section sheet piles thereby offering clients the increased design cost and programme benefits offered by Z section sheet piles including Emirates Steel and Arcelor Mittal Sheet Piles.
  • Upgrading of pile presses to be compliant with Tier IIIB and Tier IV emission standards for NRMM regulations.

In summary Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have the expertise, experience and resources to offer a Silent Piling and Vibration Free Sheet Pile Installation solution to any sheet piling project, wherever the location.