Telescopic Leader Rig Piling

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd own and operate a comprehensive fleet of modern Telescopic Leader Rigs which can be fitted with a range of attachments to ensure optimum performance and safety is achieved during sheet pile installation and sheet pile extraction.

The multifunctional Telescopic Leader mast provides support for all attachments required for sheet pile driving, extracting, augering and static sheet pile pressing operations, thus eliminating the requirement for traditional temporary works. In addition, the rigs have very low set up times (less than 30mins from transport to operation configuration), vibrators and other attachments can be connected and disconnected using a quick and safe docking system; and the tracked carrier system offers high mobility on all construction sites.

The leader rigs owned and operated by Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd are supplied by the world’s leading rig manufacturers, namely ABI Equipment and Bauer Equipment, both of whom are based in Germany. Both of these manufacturers provide the very best performance and quality along with continued innovation over a number of decades.

  • Bauer RG21T Telescopic Leader Rig with 150V Vibratory Hammer.
  • Bauer RG19T Telescopic Leader Rig with 105V Vibratory Hammer.
  • Bauer RG16T Telescopic Leader Rig with MR100V Vibratory Hammer.
  • ABI TM14/17 Telescopic Leader Rig with MRZV 18V Vibratory Hammer.
  • ABI TM13/16 Telescopic Leader Rig with MRZV 25VV Vibratory Hammer.

The very latest ‘resonance free’ or ‘variable moment’ vibratory hammers ensure that vibration oscillations are reduced to a minimum by adjusting the eccentric weights when driving through the natural frequencies of the soil. Consequently, consideration can be given to vibratory sheet pile installation and extraction using these hammers where previously the high frequency vibrations generated on start up and shut down would preclude the method.


Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have also recently added 2 No. ABI MZK1250 double jaw clamp assemblies which have significant benefits for installing pairs of ‘Z’ section sheet piles which are becoming ever more popular in the UK construction market.

Such benefits include providing approximately 30% additional energy into the pile clamping centrally on the pile, increased control of sheet pile installation tolerances and reduction of noise during sheet piling.

In accordance with the company’s on-going policy of providing clients with the latest technology and environmental compliant specialist sheet piling equipment; all the telescopic leader rigs are Tier IIIC or Tier IV emission standard compliant for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM).

In addition to the vibratory hammers, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd can offer the following attachments to the telescopic leader:

  • Auger drive motor to carry out pre-augering in advance of sheet pile installation to allow loosening of the soils and enable piles to be driven into ground which otherwise might not be suitable for a sheet pile solution or would require a uneconomically heavy sheet pile section.
  • Impact hammer to allow backdriving of piles to final level with the benefit of short leg guides which avoids deep lead trenches required for crane suspended impact hammers.
  • Hydro press system which allows vibration-free and low noise installation and extraction of sheet piles in sensitive locations particularly close to existing structures. The Hydro press drives up to 4 single piles into the ground during any set up and both ‘U’ and ‘Z’ section sheet piles can be installed.

In summary, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd can off a full range of modern telescopic leader rig and associated attachments to carry out piling works in almost any ground conditions or location.