Latest News: M1 Project Suggests Another Sheet Piling Rig Benefit

August 19th, 2019

M1 Project Suggests Another Sheet Piling Rig Benefit


The use of our unique Sheet Piling rig – the TM 12/15 LR Long Reach Sheet Piling Rig, supplied by ABI Equipment Ltd – on the infrastructure widening work being carried out between Junctions 13 and 16 of the M1 motorway has resulted in us hearing about another benefit that comes from using our star piece of equipment within sheet piling projects.

Since launching the sheet piling rig last October, we have focused on numerous benefits of using the TM 12/15 LR in sheet pile projects. For instance, we have talked about the time and cost savings, which come by virtue of our long-reach sheet piling rig requiring no platform on which to stand and thus no enabling works or temporary platforms.

We have also focused on the environmental benefit of not having to destroy trees and wildlife habitats, just for temporary-platform-related earthworks. We have even considered the reduced impact on motorists of having fewer excavators and other construction vehicles entering and leaving sites. But now, a customer has given us another benefit.

Sheet Piling Rig
New Sheet Piling Rig


Feedback on our TM 12/15 LR Sheet Piling Rig

Wesley Solomon, the site agent for the M1 project on the 23.6-mile stretch of the M1, which passes through Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire and which connects Bedford, Milton Keynes and Northampton, has pointed out that there is an improvement in the operator’s field of vision when they are using the TM 12/15 LR.

Wesley says: “The long reach sheet piling rig that Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd has brought to the Costain Galliford Try JV on the M1 J13-J16 SMS, can minimise temporary work platforms to enable sheet pile installation, as the rig can sit either fully or partially on the existing carriageway, significantly improving programme and cost savings.

“It is also a really efficient and effective bit of sheet piling equipment that has been very successful on the project to date. As the project progresses we should be able to maximise cost savings and efficiencies.

“From a Health and Safety perspective the field of vision for the operator of this rig is also a lot better than that of operators using conventional rigs, which is great from a plant-people interface perspective. Additionally, a lot more of the hydraulic hosing is concealed.”

With this £373m project due to end in March 2022, there is plenty of time for more benefits to come to the fore, as this M1 smart motorways project, incorporating temporary sheet piling works for retaining structures, rolls out. With Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd’s help, upgrading the motorway to an All Lane Running (ALR) system should make motorists’ lives easier in the long-run.

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