Marine & Inland Waterway Piling

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have significant experience in the design and installation of Marine Piling works including dock wall stabilisation, quay walls, jetties, slipways, circular cell cofferdams, tubular piles and mooring dolphins; where works are undertaken in both tidal, intertidal and land based environments.

On inland waterway piling projects, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd are able to offer a full design and installation package including, where necessary, pontoon barge stability calculations for both crane and service barges.

Early contractor involvement on such schemes with either clients, contractors and port authorities allows feasibility assessments to be undertaken, from which consideration of the optimum solution can be developed, from a viability, programme, risk, health & safety and financial perspective.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd directly employ highly skilled, safety conscious, competent operatives who are familiar with working in both marine environments and those which involve working over or adjacent water.

The standard installation methods adopted on such schemes tends to be conventional planning methods using large crawler cranes, either land or marine base, to handle crane suspended vibratory and impact hammers along with associated temporary works.

Recently Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have carried out silent vibration free pile pressing installation from floating plant in order to carry out repairs to impounding reservoir clay cores. Such innovative solutions, compared to what would otherwise involve highly intrusive and high risk alternative techniques, have been widely appreciated by water companies, in providing cost-effective asset management solutions.

A further area of expertise offered by the company is long sea out for cofferdams, where a temporary works cofferdam is installed during inter-tidal working conditions, to facilitate the installation of stormwater outfall pipes.

Recent examples of projects on which we have utilised our vast experience of Marine and Inland Waterway piling include: