Sheet Piling Installation

Here at Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd, we’re one of the leading sheet piling installation contractors in the UK, working to install both temporary and permanent sheet piles for a range of projects in a variety of different sectors.

With a vastly experienced team, as well as a comprehensive selection of some of the most advanced equipment on the market, we’ve become one of the most trusted names in the country for sheet piling installation.

While sheet piles are often installed to provide temporary earthworks support while other construction works are being carried out, they are also commonly seen in the construction of permanent basement structures and permanent retaining walls.

We also offer marine and inland water sheet piling installation, including dock wall stabilisation, quay walls, jetties, slipways, tubular piles and mooring dolphins too.

Sheet piling installation is a well-established method, whereby steel sheet piled are pitched into the ground and usually driven using a vibratory hammer (dependent on ground conditions).

However, in situations where the vibrations caused by conventional piling installation are unacceptable (such as in environmentally sensitive areas), we also offer silent vibration-free sheet piling installation too.

In these cases, specialist equipment is used which can install and extract the piles with no vibration and almost no noise.

While in some situations, temporary works will have to be carried out before work can start, we also own and operate a fleet of telescopic leader rigs, which can be set up within 30 minutes and fitted with various attachments too.

Sheet piling installation is a very effective method which provides excellent earth and water resistance and it’s also very cost-effective too.

As market leaders, we have an extensive and varied portfolio of ‘high profile’ permanent basement schemes which include: