Latest News: Understand the Benefits of Steel Sheet Piles

February 10th, 2020

Understand the Benefits of Steel Sheet Piles

The advantages of sheet piles are numerous, whether the piles are used as a slimline earth retaining solution close to a boundary line, deployed in marine or infrastructure-widening projects, used as a form of flood defence or integrated into some other kind of project within the civil engineering spectrum. However, when these advantages are delivered by steel sheet piles, there are some further distinct benefits.

Steel, as a material, is durable but flexible. It adapts to a variety of situations and is a strong material to incorporate into projects. In earthquake zones, it is the material of choice, due to its ductile nature. It also offers peace of mind for those requiring a watertight solution within a water management scenario and is even resistant to corrosion from the chemicals that can be found within contaminated soils on brownfield and landfill sites.

Steel sheet piles for fast project delivery

Moving beyond physical properties, steel sheet piles are a friend to under-pressure project managers needing to meet a tight construction, marine or infrastructure project deadline. Steel sheet piling can entail less ground disruption than other solutions, whilst also offering reduced installation periods. Costs can be saved, because of the swift process behind steel sheet piling installation – typically 10-20% quicker than the alternatives – and this can also assist those with contractual commitments to on-time project delivery. Additionally, the cost of a steel sheet pile wall can be more than 50% cheaper than a concrete wall. Other situations in which speed of installation makes a huge difference are those which involve having to disrupt traffic flows, whilst work in undertaken. The swifter the installation, the lower the level of angst for the motorist.

Environmental benefits of steel sheet piles

The environment is another winner when steel sheet piles are used within projects. With the minimal amount of soil disturbance during installation, the likelihood of disturbing wildlife, destroying habitats and having other negative impacts on nature and the landscape, is much reduced. The carbon footprint of a steel sheet pile wall is said to be up to 25% less than that of a concrete wall.

Human impacts, such as noise and community disruption can also be minimised. Steel sheet piles can be installed with one of Sheet Piling (UK) Limited’s silent, vibration-free piling rigs, which can significantly lower levels of noise pollution. If the project is something like an infrastructure widening one, the TM 12/15 rig – the 8.1-metre-reach rig exclusive to Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd within the British Isles – can be introduced to cut project time further. This is due to the long-reach rig not generally requiring the building of a temporary platform, or the other enabling works typically needed when a 5m-reach rigs is used.

Steel sheet piling and the circular economy

Steel sheet piles are heroes within the circular economy. Those used on a temporary basis can be reused elsewhere and each steel sheet pile is a fully recyclable asset. The sheet piles are typically made from recycled steel and are a sustainable product that can be used many times over. They are long-lasting, due to their high quality, and require little maintenance.

Why buy or hire sheet piles from Sheet Piling (UK) Limited?

Sheet Piling UK is an expert in project design, whether the need is to construct a permanent steel sheet pile basement, repair a quay wall or jetty, assist Britain’s smart motorway roll-out, or something else. The company holds 8000 tonnes of new and used sheet piles in stock, ready for sale, and can get steel sheet piles into the hands of project managers and contractors very swiftly. Whether the need is to keep a project on track, or just deliver sustainable solutions, Sheet Piling (UK) Limited is ideally placed to offer its outstanding level of customer support. Neither Sheet Piling UK, nor its high-quality steel sheet piles, will let project managers down.

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