Latest News: Uses of Sheet Piles – Usual and More Unusual

March 11th, 2019

Uses of Sheet Piles – Usual and More Unusual

Sheet piles have been called into action in Shropshire for a less common reason than usual. There, a public footpath collapsed next to a house plot last September and sheet piles are being used to hold everything in place. So, what other uses of sheet piles are there that might be more usual?

Sheet piles can be used on a temporary or permanent basis, to create what is effectively a wall that ensures soil or water is retained and kept away from another structure. On this basis, they can be used in the majority of places where this situation exists. Steel sheet piles are the most appropriate sheet piles to use in most cases, because of their ability to withstand large bending forces and pressure. Here are some typical scenarios in which sheet piles can play a big part.

Uses of Sheet Piles

  • Sheet piles are often found retaining soil in underground car parks
  • The basements of more modern buildings and houses are frequently protected by sheet piles
  • Pump houses are another structure that can benefit from sheet pile support
  • Temporary sheet pile installations will often protect workers excavating in a particular area
  • Sheet piles can also hold back water and are often found, for this reason, close to shorelines and as part of sea-wall and flooding defences
  • Cofferdam works often use sheet piles to retain soil and water and keep this out of excavations required for new bridge works.

Another key role for sheet piles is in the area of infrastructure widening and Sheet Piling UK has become a game-changer for projects carried out as part of both smart motorway plans and for future works required by the high-speed rail network roll-out.

We have analysed the issues on these sites and come up with our solution, which you can read about our Long Reach Sheet Pile Leader Rig.

It may not be as unusual as the Shropshire footpath, but it is predicted to make enormous savings for our industry, by slashing the amount of time it takes to complete a section of infrastructure widening.

As you can probably appreciate, sheet piles are incredibly versatile. Add that to Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd’s solutions-driven approach and you can see why we are the UK’s leading sheet pile contractor.

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