Latest News: Coastal Erosion and the Role of Vinyl Sheet Piles

June 24th, 2019

Coastal Erosion and the Role of Vinyl Sheet Piles

Coastal erosion has been making headlines in the UK over the past few weeks – hardly surprising given that 28% of the coastline of England and Wales is experiencing erosion at rates of more than 0.1m a year.

What may not be appreciated in these times of rising sea levels is that the nation already has 2300km of artificially protected coastline, more than any other country in Europe. Vinyl sheet piles have a huge part to play in helping stem the impacts of coastal erosion, as our US-based vinyl sheet pile partner, Crane Materials International</a (CMI) knows only too well.

CMI Vinyl Sheet Piles: the applications

CMI’s vinyl sheet piles are not just deployed for erosion control but used along miles of coastlines internationally and in the USA. They are incorporated into seawalls, tide walls, breakwaters, jetties, groins and retaining walls, providing cutting-edge solutions that allow communities to prepare for, recover from and prevent climate-change induced disasters. The fact that they are the vinyl sheet piles used by the United States Army Corp of Engineers, speaks volumes about their high-quality and durability.

Environmentally friendly sheet piles

These vinyl sheet piles – available exclusively in the UK and Ireland through Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd and often used because of climate change – are themselves environmentally friendly. Each pile’s make-up is 90% recycled material, which enables those using these vinyl sheet piles to reduce their carbon footprint within their project, as well as keeping water forces back from the areas under their protection. They are rust-free and chemical and contaminant-resistant, making them maintenance-free solutions. With an attractive finish, they are easily incorporated into environments where aesthetics matter, or alternatively can be used to provide a cut-off within traditional earthwork flood defence systems. Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd can either supply these sheet piles on a sale basis, or alternatively supply and install them. Driving mandrels for their installation can also be rented from Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd.

Coastal flooding

With each winter – and other seasons too – bringing many instances of coastal flooding, especially in areas such as Devon, Cornwall and Dorset, and with an estimated £150 billion of assets and 4 million people at danger of coastal flooding in the UK, considering what solutions can be used to stem the tide should be a top priority. Anyone wishing to find out more about Sheet Piling UK’s environmentally friendly CMI vinyl sheet piles, can contact us on +44 (0)1772 79 41 41.

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