Latest News: What is Vibro Piling?

June 15th, 2020

What is Vibro Piling?

When considering which application method would best suit the installation of sheet pile walls, there are a number of determining factors to consider. These are:

  • The type and quality of soil on site, described as ‘cohesiveness’. This description refers to how sticky the texture of the soil is. Clay soils are considered particularly cohesive and sand or gravel soils non-cohesive.
  • The dimensions of the sheet piles required for purpose.
  • The presence of solid items or barriers in the soil such as rock formations or highly cohesive layers.
  • Whether the site is onshore or offshore or a barrier between land and water.

MOVAX Vibro Piling

MOVAX Vibro Piling on the M62 Motorway
Vibro Piling steel sheet piles on the M62 Motorway


Vibratory Hammers

In general, vibro piling technology is the most effective and efficient method and therefore the best practice choice when it comes to driving steel sheet piles.

A vibratory hammer is suitable for driving in sheet piles to a limited depth, in coarse-grained, non-cohesive soils, which. include gravels and sands. After placing a pile-driving frame, the sheet piles are driven into the ground by a vibratory hammer, mounted on a crane, a rig or an excavator.

The vibratory hammer used in vibro piling, is positioned on top of the sheet pile with clamps. It produces vibration, combined with vertical pressure, and the energy of the hammer quickly drives the pile into the soil.

The critical frequency is overruled by the stress waves in the sheet pile and the weight of the hammer acts as static loading. Thanks to the strongly reduced critical frequency, there is no risk of deformed sheet piles or missing interlocks – an advantage of this method of steel sheet pile driving and installation.

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