Latest News: Why Sustainability is One of Emirates Steel’s Strengths

June 29th, 2020

Why Sustainability is One of Emirates Steel’s Strengths

As the UK’s leading specialist sheet pile installation expert, as well as steel sheet pile supplier to leading projects of all sizes, the Sheet Piling UK team understands the requirement for contractors to increasingly focus on sustainability within the supply chain. However, we also appreciate the difficulty they face is often that of separating the green wash from the reality, which is why we work with a business within which sustainable practice is a core strength.

To provide our customers with complete transparency, we recently requested Emirates Steelto advise on its approach towards environmental concern and the optimum use of resources within its plant. We recognise that customers need reassurance that, if they use Emirates Steel sheet piles, they are doing the right thing by the environment, so wanted to confirm Emirates Steel’s environmental accreditations.

Whilst we knew that sustainability is taken extremely seriously at Emirates Steel – and in the UAE in general – we did not appreciate the degree to which sustainable practice is embedded in Emirates Steel’s approach to steel manufacturing, at every level, or how involved the company is within the UAE’s overall strategies for combatting climate change and better utilising the planet’s resources.

Emirates Steel informed us that it has an environmental partnership with the Al Reyadda Carbon Capture Facility, located close to its premises, where one goal is to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the UAE. Due to its involvement with this facility, Emirates Steel has been granted a Certificate of Recognition for participation in the CO2 Emissions Data Collection Programme.

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As Sheet Piling UK was aware, Emirates Steel has achieved integrated management systems certification to the highest international standards, under the CARES Sustainable Constructional Steel Scheme. It has also earned BES 6001 for the Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products. The company issues Environmental Product Declaration Reports, when requested by project managers and any project can rest assured that they are likely to fully comply with green specifications, if using Emirates Steel’s sheet piles.

Additionally, Emirates Steel is diligently and responsibly recycling waste product, having commissioned a 3000HP steel scrap shredding facility, which feeds the electric arc furnaces of its steel-making plants with recycled steel product. This new scrap repurposing facility is playing a major role in recycling the whole country’s steel scrap and is a shining example of the spirit of innovation that Emirates Steel continually fosters.

Sustainability is at the forefront of Emirates Steel’s thinking on a continual basis, as it embraces new synergies that can enhance sustainability still further and enable plants to be operated in an optimal manner, to protect the environment by making better use of its diminishing resources.

Whilst others in the sector may not be focused on the waste bi-product they are generating, Emirates Steel has formed a partnership to convert its plants’ industrial waste slag into new, useable products. Dust waste is also being used to create briquettes that can be used in the electric arc furnace, to maximise the value and lifespan of the resources used and simultaneously reduce the costs of steel production.

With this high level of commitment to sustainability, there should be no concern in incorporating Emirates Steel’s products into any project, no matter how much the project brief focuses on environmental concern. If you wish to discuss such a brief with us, we can also highlight equipment and systems that we ourselves use, to help reduce our environmental impacts.

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