Case Study: Permanent Basement, Putney Rise

Permanent Basement, Putney Rise

Contract No:C1053
Client:Barratt West London
Location:Wandsworth, London
Value:Approximately £370,000.00
Summary:Design, supply and installation of sheet piles, in plain uncoated steel, to form a permanent single storey watertight basement.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd were employed by Barratt West London for the ‘Design, Supply & Installation’ of sheet piles to form a permanent basement as part of a new high end residential development of 125No. apartments in Putney.

Working closely with the Design Team during the design development stages of the project, it was concluded that due to the proximity of the existing school and existing residents that the sheet piles should be installed using a Giken Pile Pressing method.

The method is silent & vibrationless and consequently is particularly suited for such inner city development projects.

Whilst the Consulting Engineer imposed a strict deflection limit on the sheet piles, both Barratt and the Main Contractor had a preference for the sheet piles to cantilever in the temporary condition without the requirement for any temporary propping to assist in the excavation and construction of the basement.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd consequently proposed a solution using a Z section sheet pile which are very weight efficient and also permit the design to consider the full structural properties of the pile section without applying any reduction factor as is required for traditional U section to current EuroCode design standards.

By utilising this innovative solution of being able to install Z section sheet piles using a Silent Vibrationless Pile Pressing method; Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd were able to provide a highly efficient solution which not only had considerable cost savings on materials but also satisfies all parties requirements for the a cantilever solution thus providing further programme and cost savings during the construction of the basement works.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd are the only sheet piling contractor in the UK who can offer a one-stop solution for such projects utilising our own extensive stock of Emirates Steel Z Pile Sections together with our fleet of Z pile press machines.

In total 478No. 7.0m long Emirates Steel EZ18-630 were installed to form the permanent basement for the development.

Finally to complete the works, the exposed sheet pile interlocks were welded using a Lloyd’s Accredited Welding Procedure to provide a 100% watertight basement to BS8102:Part2:2009 all of which works is fully warrantied by Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd.