Long Reach Telescopic Leader Rig Piling

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd is proud to have designed, and now own and operate, the world’s first long reach telescopic leader rig – The ABI TM12/15 LR. The long reach piling rig was designed and developed in partnership with ABI Equipment Ltd and is a shining example of the innovation that Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd has brought to its sector.

The ABI TM12/15 LR was specifically designed by Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd, as the UK’s leading sheet piling contractor, to create a new dynamic within the construction industry, on those sheet piling projects associated with the widening of existing earthworks. Smart motorways and HS2 works are good examples of projects on which it can make a hugely positive impact.

The state-of-the-art, vibratory sheet pile installation rig is unique, due to its 8.1m maximum horizontal reach (when measured from the centre of the slew ring to the pile line). This is a full 3m further than any other comparable rig available in the world.

For infrastructure-widening projects, the rig has a significant advantage in reducing, or even eliminating, earthworks enabling works and piling platform construction. Such activities are notoriously problematic within such projects, in terms of logistics, programme and cost. The rig brings benefits to each of these areas and can deliver tangible savings, as well as keeping projects to, or ahead of, time.

With the new ABI TM12/15 LR, the required project activities can be reduced or eliminated by virtue of the 8m horizontal reach of the machine. The machine, under the correct circumstances, can stand on the existing carriageway and drive piles on the required pile line, with all the advantages that being able to pile drive from existing infrastructure brings.

Innovative Long Reach Telescopic Leader Rig Piling on the M62
Long Reach Telescopic Leader Rig Piling for the Smart Motorway Widening Scheme


This benefit dramatically speeds up an infrastructure widening project and reduces the overall construction costs.

Predicted savings of £40,000.00 to £60,000.00 can be realised on a typical 100-metre sheet pile wall installation. There are also significant environmental logistical, customer perception and health & safety benefits to be derived from using the new long-reach sheet piling rig.

Whilst it might be assumed that such an innovative design has only been achieved by compromising on other benefits of the well-established telescopic leader rig system, that is not the case.

The ABI TM12/15 LR still has the following attributes:

  • a maximum driven and extracted pile length of 16 metres
  • a maximum vertical reach of 3.9 metres
  • Euro Stage IV-emission standard engine
  • crowd force of 100kN
  • extraction force of 175kN
  • powerful MRZV 20VV vibratory hammer
  • reduced track bearing pressures due to hydraulically extendable undercarriage
  • enhanced operator visibility

Since its launch in late 2018, the ABI TM12/15 LR rig has been utilised extensively on Highways England’s programme of SMART Motorway upgrading schemes including:

On these schemes, Tier 1 contractors have not only benefited from the primary physical benefits of the long reach rig but also from secondary benefits. These include reduced construction traffic management, improved site logistics and productivity and reduced environmental impact.

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