Excavator Mounted Side Grip Sheet Piling

To complement its extensive fleet of in-house plant and equipment, Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd operates a number of excavator-mounted, side-grip sheet piling rigs, which provide a wide range of applications to driven sheet piling projects.

The versatility and manoeuvrability of the side-grip vibratory hammer, makes these rigs suitable for the following:

  • projects which involve driving a wide range of steel piles, including sheet piles, ‘H’ bearing piling, and tubular steel piles.
  • projects which are safety-critical (i.e. adjacent to live railway lines), where the method of pitching the pile from the horizontal to vertical is particularly efficient and provides a robust safe system of works.
  • projects with varying ground conditions (since ancillary techniques can be adopted and soil-loosening augers and hydraulic impact hammers used.
  • projects involving restricted or limited access, due to the manoeuvrability, reduced footprint and enhanced reach capacity of the excavator base machine.

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd uses the CAT 328D LCR excavator base machine. This is not only a tried and tested excavator in the construction industry, but also has the advantage of having been designed to rotate with a minimal amount of tail slewing. This enables the machine to work in tight and confined on-site areas.

The side grip vibratory hammer that is fitted to the CAT 328D LCR excavator, is a Movax SG-60 vibratory hammer. This is suitable for driving a complete range of sheet piles, ‘H’ piles and tubular steel piles in a variety of restricted sites and varying ground conditions.

Movax is a Finnish company established in 1993, who specialise in the design, development and manufacturing of excavator-mounted piling equipment, fitted with advanced control and information management systems.

The benefits of the ‘Movax’ range of vibratory hammers include:

  • interchangeable side grip arm – which allows the operator to drive a range of sheet piles, ‘H’ piles and steel tubes.
  • moving arms on both sides – which facilitates safe and efficient handling and an effective pitch of sheet piles.
  • efficient driving and extracting – which provides good geometry for delivering driving energy.
  • suitability for ‘Restricted and Limited Access’ work – as the machine’s reach is ideal and can reduce the extent of enabling works.

Additional features added to the excavator mounted side grip piling rig, to improve safety and operational efficiency, include:

  • the Movax MCS Pro Control System, which is an advanced, state-of-the-art control system for easier, precise, and more productive and efficient operation.
  • automatic safe load indicator (SLI) – for lifting operations.
  • slew and height restrictor.

To sum up, the CAT 328D LCR excavator and Movax SG60 side grip hammer offer a versatile and flexible solution for the driving of steel piles. Additionally, they provide an optimal way-of-working, which is conducive to higher productivity and safety, and which offers clear benefits over traditional piling methods, on certain projects.