Advantages of Sheet Piling

Advantages of Sheet Piling

Steel sheet piles are hot rolled sections of steel formed with Larssen type interlocks which are driven into the ground to provide temporary or permanent lateral earth retention and excavation support.

Sheet piles can be used for a variety of retaining wall solutions including cantilever; propped and anchored walls; permanent retaining walls; temporary cofferdams; conventional and marine sheet piling; permanent sheet pile basements; flood defence walls and king sheet piled walls.

Advantages of Sheet Piling for Environmental Protection Works
Advantages of Sheet Piling on the M62


The advantages of using steel sheet piles for retaining wall solutions can be summarised as follows:

  • Construction is significantly quicker and more cost effective than for either traditional reinforced concrete walls or concrete piled walls.
  • Sheet piles can be supplied in a variety of lengths; section size and steel grades.
  • Steel sheet piles are preformed sections which provide factory quality as opposed to site quality.
  • Sheet piles can be used for temporary or permanent works applications.
  • Steel sheet piles can be reused multiple times and are fully recyclable.
  • Sheet piles are suitable for all ground conditions and can be installed using Vibratory or Silent and Vibration Free methods.
  • Permanent sheet piling provides a narrow form of construction which can be installed close to site boundary thus maximising usable development footprint.
  • There is no disturbance of the ground and no spoil arisings are generated unlike bored
  • No curing period is required for sheet piles, allowing excavation to commence immediately.
  • Sheet piles can be used to support vertical loading.
  • Steel sheet piles are rolled with tight interlocking Larssen type interlocks thus providing an effective barrier against groundwater ingress.
  • Substantial design life can be achieved for a sheet pile structure by considering sacrificial corrosion or protective coatings.
  • Sheet piles can be made aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sheet piles can be installed to any desired layout by utilising preformed interlocking bars.
  • For greater retained heights, sheet piles can be anchored or propped.