Corner and Junction Clutch Bar

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd are the UK and Ireland exclusive agent and stockiest of hot rolled interlocking corner and junction clutch bar manufactured by Mannstaedt GmbH.

Mannstaedt GmbH are a world leader in producing hot rolled steel special profiles.

The high quality clutch bar sections are manufactured to European Grade S355GP steel and are fully compatible with all major worldwide steel mill produced sheet pile sections, including both Larssen ‘U’ and ‘Z’ type interlocks.

Used primarily for forming corner or junction piles in sheet pile walls and cofferdams, together with clutches to tubular piles with combi-wall solution, Mannstaedt GmbH clutch bar allows the most complex layouts to be accommodated whilst providing problem-free and cost efficient onsite installation.

The individual clutch bar profiles are available in E20, E20XL, E21, E22 and OMEGA sections and are identical to the corner and junction piles suppled by European sheet pile mills.

The corner profile is generally connected to the main sheet piles by welding in accordance with BS EN:12063 and is set back from the top of the pile by approximately 200mm to facilitate driving.

A comprehensive range of junction piles can be formed by welding an E22 hot rolled section onto the main sheet piles at the appropriate location and angle.

In the case of Temporary Works, the hot tolled corner or junction clutch bar can be tack welded into place before driving and burned off after extraction to leave a reusable pile section and junction bar for use elsewhere.

A significant stock of all common clutch bar profiles is held in our Preston Service Centre for sale to piles stockiest and piling contractors in lengths up to 12.0m.

Fully detailed drawings of the individual clutch bar profiles are available here:

pdflogo Corner Clutch Bar Sections
ziplogo Corner Clutch Bar Sections – AutoCad Format