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November 11th, 2019

Excavation Support Solutions

Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd, has been associated with large and major sheet piling projects for more than two decades, but has often been overlooked by smaller and medium-sized contractors requiring sheet piles for their projects. Now, we are providing even more reasons why that should not be the case.

We have just launched a new division of the company – Excavation Support Solutions – which will focus entirely on the needs of smaller and medium-sized earthwork support projects, which typically hire-in sheet piles and which often then incur headaches, project management issues and possibly financial losses too, if they have to write-off the cost of those hired sheet piles after project completion.

We have recognised that this is not the only issue for contractors. Having to try to manage health and safety compliance, in an area of groundworks that is not your specialisation, is an exposure that many should think twice about taking on board.

Since the new Health & Safety Sentencing Guidelines were introduced, robust risk management has never been more essential, if punitive fines (and potentially even prison sentences) are to be avoided.

Having different contractors trying to coordinate one project can also be difficult, which is why ESS is offering a seamless and rapid one-stop service, encompassing sheet pile project design, management, installation of light to heavy duty sheet piles and extraction of those piles, if required.

The aim is to help projects keep on schedule, avoiding delays and additional, unanticipated hurdles during a project’s excavation stage.

Sheet Pile Hire from Excavation Support Solutions
Excavation Support Solutions for Smaller Projects


All of the sheet piles we use have passed Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd’s usual stringent strength and stability tests and are fit for purpose, whether they are being used for temporary or permanent excavation support or deployed within temporary cofferdams or trenches.

Any form of excavation bracing system can also be supplied and installed, whether the need is for fabricated, structural steelwork, or proprietary hydraulic bracing systems. All can be accessed within one easy-to-commission package, in what we believe to be a unique, hassle-free, timely and safety-orientated solution.

You can also rest assured that it is a service compliant with all best-practice and HSE guidelines, including the CPA ‘Good Practice Guide for the Management of Shoring Excavations’.

Heading up Excavation Support Solutions is Richard Pattison, who is on-hand to take enquiries and assist medium and smaller projects requiring sheet pile installations within an excavation scenario.

Email Richard on to find out more or call on 07734 029683.

Excavation Support Solutions

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