Latest News: How to Install Sheet Piles

May 4th, 2020

How to Install Sheet Piles

Sheet pile installation is typically achieved by using one of three key sheet piling methods:

  • panel driving
  • panel driving with staggering of sheet piles
  • pitch and drive

The choice of sheet piling installation method rests on the prevailing conditions at the site at which construction is taking place and should be based on a thorough soil investigation. Conventional piling methods typically use equipment such as vibratory hammers, impact hammer, presses or a combination of equipment, to install sheet piles and suit the individual site.

Panel Driving

With this sheet piling installation method, sheet pile panels are threaded together before piling takes place, using a stiff guide frame or ‘template’, into which sheet piles are placed. This helps achieve verticality of the sheet pile wall, particularly in very soft soils where leaning can be an issue. It can also help with the installation of longer piles in locations with difficult soil conditions. It is a more time-consuming sheet piling method than others, because of the threading and handling, but is often used for underground car parks and basements.

Panel Driving with Staggering of Sheet Piles

This construction method is similar to panel driving but sees alternate piles being reinforced with a tip and piling being staggered, so that these reinforced sheet piles are driven deeper than non-reinforced piles. This sheet pile driving method is useful when soils conditions are compact.

Pitch and Drive Sheet Pile Method
Install Sheet Piles


Pitch and Drive

This is a popular piling construction method because it is relatively quick and lower cost. Individual piles are threaded and installed to their final depth, usually in locations where leaning is not going to be a concern, where soils are not too compact and, in many cases, when the sheet pile installation is temporary. Sheet piles installed by the pitch and drive method are typically short in length. Hydraulic presses can only be used for this one sheet pile construction method. Using a Giken silent pressing rig for the pitch and drive method can overcome noise issues particularly associated with this style of sheet pile installation.

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